This event is for GSDCSAZ, Inc. member participation only.

Date:  Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Time:  10:15AM until done (probably by noon).

Location:  Haven Health Nursing Home at 3702 N. Swan Rd.


The visit to Haven Health by our club members and dogs was an amazing success!!



Many thanks to the club members that turned out for this wonderful visit!!

Sarge with his family (Bill and Barbara), Renata and her momma (Dionne), JJ and her family (Donna and Roger) and Haddy with her family (Kevilee and Steve.)

The dogs were wonderful.  Well-behaved and willing to withstand a LOT of attention for a couple of hours. This event was a great experience for them. It was really fun to watch as the dogs figured out that going into the rooms meant getting petted and having a cookie. We could not be more proud of our 4 legged ambassadors for the breed.

Our dear friend and new club member Carol came along to observe and also to offer guidance where needed as she is a therapy dog evaluator and tester.  Carol gave us lots of information guidance during this visit to help make sure that everything went well.  Thank you Carol!!! 

It was a blessing to see what a difference the visits made in the resident's day. I watched as one of the resident's proudly showed off the picture card of Sarge given to him by Bill and Barbara.  Haddy is jealous and she wants to have 'business cards' too! The dogs touched the hearts of many people today. 

After the individual room visits were completed, we all met with many of the residents and the staff in the activity room for some scrumptious cake, cookies and punch.  It was just unbelievable to see the welcome given to us by the staff as well as the residents.  We answered some questions about the dogs and the residents handed cookies to the dogs as the refreshments were being handed out.

Upon leaving each of the dogs and their people were gifted with Kong tennis balls, Milk Bones and person treats!!! Donna and Roger volunteer at Haven Health by providing arts and crafts activities for the residents. The artwork displayed in the activity room was proof of the love and caring that both Donna and Roger have for the residents. Donna worked so hard at planning this activity and making it a rewarding experience for all. Thanks Donna and Roger for your love and dedication. You both are a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow.

The folks at the Haven Health Nursing Home are holding a German Day for the residents there.  They would like us to bring a few of our dogs out that the residents could meet and pet. We would probably only be there an hour or two.  This type of thing means so very, very much to the residents there that can no longer have their dogs.  We will be there from 10:15 AM until done.

Please, we can only bring in dogs that are friendly and well-behaved.  Puppies are probably not candidates as they can accidentally hurt residents by jumping on them, etc.

Our members Donna and Roger work at the home and have worked hard to help put this together for the residents there.  Lets make them proud!

To volunteer for this event please contact Kevilee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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