AKC Rally Class

What is the AKC Rally Obedience Class?

Rally obedience training is a great way to build a strong foundation of teamwork between you and your dog and it is intended to be FUN! By participating in Rally, you will learn skills to help handle your dog in everyday situations and your dog will learn skills to behave at home, in public places, and around other dogs.

AKC Rally is a competition sport in which the dog and handler complete a course with 10-20 stations. The dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course with the judge standing in the ring. Teamwork is important and perfect “heel position” is not required. The handler may talk to, praise, give multiple commands, and encourage the dog. The Novice and Intermediate levels are on- leash and Advanced and Excellent are off-leash, though they may be practiced on-leash.

In this class you will learn skills and training techniques to begin competing in AKC Rally Novice or continue in the Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent and Master levels. The Novice/Intermediate class is progressive with the first week’s course using the simpler stations and each week adding a new set of stations. By the end of the Novice/Intermediate class, you’ll be introduced to competition level Novice courses. For the Advanced/Excellent/Master class, you will work a different course each week to practice the stations used at those levels.

In order to participate and get the most from the Rally class, you and your dog need some basic skills:

  • Beginner obedience training or equivalent
  • Control of your dog
  • Focus and attention from your dog
  • Loose leash heeling
  • Reliable sit, stay, down and recall
  • 6 months of age or older

Your dog doesn’t need to be registered with AKC to participate in our classes and doesn’t need to be a purebred to compete as long as it is registered with the AKC. Ask us for details and /or check the AKC Purebred Alternative Listing and Canine Partners programs. Learn more at – www.akc.org/events/rally/.

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