Our membership is open to folks that have a love for our breed BUT you don't have to own a GSD to join! Sometimes folks that have had GSDs for years but are not able to have one now will join just to get their GSD 'fix'.  Other folks are expecting to receive a GSD puppy in the near future and join so that they can get guidance and support.

If you share our love of the German Shepherd Dog and would like to get involved in the club please consider joining! 

We are a small non-profit club located on the NW side of Tucson, Arizona.  We hold GSD Specialty Shows once a year as well as All-Breed Obedience and Rally Trials.  We also host other AKC dog sports competitions such as Lure Coursing and Barn Hunt.  It takes all-hands-on deck for our small club to provide these events and to host a 'Special Event' whenever possible. There are several folks in our club that don't even OWN a GSD!  But, they do assist with the All-Breed training program offered to the public, so they now have what we call 'Honorary GSDs'.

If you are interested in joining, we do ask that you come to 2 of our monthly general meetings.  We do this so that you have an opportunity to meet us and we can get to know you.  Once you have attended 2 meetings (within a 6 month period) the membership will 'vote you in'.  Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and just let us know you are coming.

Feel free to download the membership application at any time.  While you don't have to turn it in at the first meeting we will need to have received it before we can welcome you into club.