AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

The period of time that dogs learn the most at the most rapid rate is between birth and 14 weeks of age.  It is important to give your puppy a good foundation on which to build its life skills.  Most often, a well-behaved puppy will grow into a well-behaved adult.

This class is open to dogs under 1 year of age.  Dogs as young as 10 weeks old are welcome. 

Please be sure that your puppy is either micro-chipped or has an identifying tag on its collar.  Puppies need to have had at least two parvo-distemper shots before classes start.

The class follows the AKC STAR Puppy program and will help you get your puppy started on the following basic skills:

  • Focus
  • Settle
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay (for just a very short period of time and build from there)
  • Loose Leash Walking - handler will learn how to keep puppy's focus while on leash
  • Puppy socialization (your puppy will be exposed to other puppies and new people)

At the end of this session you and your puppy will have the opportunity to take the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test for no (additional) cost.


  • Puppy should be wearing a collar (flat, martingale, training) or harness with a 6 foot leash (nylon, cord, or leather).
  • Bring an extra large beach towel or small blanket and a folding chair, as we will be on the ground or sitting for some exercises.
  • Bring lots of treats - small, soft, smelly or kibble or any high motivation food – and a wearable treat bag.
  • Bring water for both you and Puppy and a small water bowl.
  • Bring a copy of proof of most recent vaccines.
  • Bring poop bags and a tote bag to carry all of the above!


Training Class Refund Policy And Agreement

By registering for one of our training classes, you are committing to attend the classes offered for the 8 week session.  For your part, you are making a committment to your dog and to us that you will attend the classes and practice the lessons.  For our part, we agree to provide you instruction and guidance for each of the training classes.  We know that life happens and we try our best to accommodate that.  Our training instructors are volunteers, giving of their knowledge and experience so while we want to do our best to be fair to our students with regard to refunds, we also are cognizant that we need to have everyone be respectful of our instructors time.

Below is our policy on refunds:

  • Transfers to another class or refunds may be offered to any student immediately following the first class if they decide the class is not the right fit for them and their dog.
  • If a handler chooses to discontinue the course, (after week one) the handler will not receive the remaining handouts(lesson plans) and are not due any money as a refund.
  • If you or your dog becomes ill and you cannot begin or continue the class, we will allow you to apply your payment and join the next training session in the applicable week you missed.
  • We will not provide refunds for lack of attendance. If due to inclement weather or Marana Parks and Recreation decides to close the park we will not offer refunds for that training session; we will attempt to make up the time.
  • If after review by the instructors involved we decide we cannot offer appropriate training for you and your dog, we will offer you a full refund and provide references to local trainers and behaviorists.  
German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern Arizona, Inc. will not be responsible for loss, damage or injury to dogs, people or property caused by any dog brought to the training grounds. The handler/owner will be responsible for any and all loss, damage or injury caused by his/her dog(s) or children brought to the training grounds or other events sponsored by the Club.
Students under the age of sizteen years must have a parent or guardian in attendance during class.
There is a $35 charge for returned checks.