AKC Scentwork - Introduction To Odor, Search and Drive

Saturday, June 22, 2019

10am - Noon

Wheeler Taft Abbot Sr. Library

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Day of Workshop Registrations will be available until all spots are full
We will put a notice here when the class limit has been reached.

 Please note:  No dogs during this workshop.  We will have a few demo dogs there but because this is a library and in order to make it easier for people to focus on the information being shared, we are not allowing dogs other than the demo dogs.

Why do scentwork?

Our dogs naturally use their noses to tell them everything they need to know about their environment.  But what's really cool is when we can teach them to tell us what WE need to know about an environment of our choosing!  To them it's just a fun game using skills that they already have - just refined so that dog and hander join together as a team in search of a common goal.  Bomb dogs, rescue dogs, detection dogs work with their handlers in search of specific odor.  Our dogs can learn to do that too - and then let the games begin!

PLUS: You will receive a basic starter kit to get you going. Kit includes 1 hide, 1 tweezers and a jar of pre-scented swabs (birch).


  • Handling and Storing Odor
  • Teach your dog that Odor = Great Things!
  • Teach your dog to Choose Odor
  • Encourage the 'Drive to Search' in your dog
  • Scentwork Supportive Games to Help Your Dog Learn
  • Teach your dog to Find Odor
  • What Next? 

 COST: $45 - includes handout and starter kit




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