September 8, 2008 - May 26, 2017

SEL EXC. CH. Signature's Cooper V Knaufhill x CH. Valentina of Stone Rydge

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My Elliott was everything.  To me anyway.  I loved her to the moon and back. 

Ellie was a conformation puppy.  She was VERY pretty and always came home with the blue ribbon. However, when she about a year old, it became clear that she didn't like being in the ring so, we put that aside. 

Ellie was a working girl!  Ellie was my certified service dog.  She would open the doors for me, pick up the many things I dropped throughout the day and keep the rest of the department in line.  She was her own kind of IT manager.  One of our favorite games at work when we took a break was to play "Find It".  She would remain in a sit stay while I took her toy and hid it in another room amongst various computer items.  When I would tell her to find it, she ALWAYS did.  Until, it was apparently my turn to find it.  One time she came back, and basically escorted me to where the computer laptop bags were and pointed it out that even though SHE knew where it was, I needed to find it as well.  Sense of humor?

Ellie was so loved by everyone that the facilities management folks created her own potty area known as Ellie's Woodchips.

Ellie was my Rally dog, earning her RN.

Ellie was my confidant.  I told her anything and everything.  And, I do mean everything!

Ellie was my most faithful friend. When I was down for a month due to surgery, she never left my side except to potty.

More than anything else, Ellie was my friend.  My best friend.  I miss her dearly every day. 

Until we meet again my girl - you are always and forever in my heart.